If you are looking for in Yokohama Japan rental apartments

Single type rooms is especially popular with Business travelers.15 apartments are located within 20 minutes of Yokohama station.Staff service is available from AM 9:00 to PM 8:00.Twin type room is \5,900 per day.Flexibility of our system is highly evaluated by corporate businesses.Guests can use the fitness centers for 24 hours a day.There are some stuffs who can speak English.600 fully furnished rooms in 15 apartments are located within 20 minutes of Yokohama station.Discounts are offered for longer stays.You can use Internet, Wi-Fi for freeWe offer special campaign through YRA's website depending on season.Open hours: 9:00am to 20:00pm / 7 days a weekFor further information please visit our website: www.yokohama-apartment.comYou can reach Yokohama station within 20 minutes from their apartments.Yokohama Rental Apartments, “YRA” is the largest apartment agency in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture.Kamiooka, Maita, Yoshinotyo.We also offer short term to long term stays depending on you.All rooms are equipped with LAN cables and Wi-Fi.